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Shirley Johnson@ 11:51am 02-19-2021
Searching my family roots >>Cassius M Wright and wife Jennie old Peru village cemetery picture of marker if one. Looking for someone to help with search(Pay for search) thank you Shirley (Wright) Johnson
Terry LaValley@ 9:08am 02-07-2021
Hello, I am researching Gilbert Spooner born 1863 from Malone (per wedding announcement printed in The Plattsburgh sentinel, June 04, 1886 Gilbert & Julia). I've researched this site and fins a grave, and it looks like the only Spooner with children born around the 1860's is James Spooner b 1891 d 1892 & Wife Mary Frances Whitney b 1830 d 1917 buried West Bangor Cemetery. I am looking for a possible birth record or anything showing "Gilbert" was actually their son. ANY help would be appreciated. THANKS
Charlene Myers@ 5:25pm 11-29-2020
I am searching for grave 475, Mrs. Honora English. And John Engish in section 1, #27 and #127. Any headstone pictures would be helpful. I do not see John Listed in the section 1 listing for English. Also, earlier records had an explanation for who paid for the grave for Mrs. Honora English. I believe it was James English, a son. Could this information be verified? Thank you.
Replied on: 11:18am 12-07-2020

You need to state the name of the cemetery, as this information does not pass through to the Guestbook.

Michael Duffy@ 3:17pm 11-12-2020
In July of last year, I asked if someone near Hogansburg might be willing to take a picture of the gravestones of ANOTIENENS 1810-1903 and WARISAROT NE RONE 1813-1888 (Loran and Charlotte Chubb). I just happened to be looking at the transcriptions again and realized you posted two pictures. What a pleasant surprise! I appreciate your time and effort - to be able to actually see the stones is very special. Thank you for your dedication and kindness - I'm sorry it has taken me until now to see the pictures and to realize what you did in response to my message. Thank you very much.
Replied on: 7:03pm 11-28-2020

No problem! I'm glad you finally found them.

pamela s phillips@ 3:36pm 08-06-2020
I am a descendant of the Elliot family buried here. I have visited once and hope to stop again 8/9/20.
Dave Wright@ 6:44pm 05-03-2020
what is the address of the Old Peru Village Cemetery?
Valerie Harrington@ 9:38am 04-13-2020
My husband Robert I Harrington died 4-4-2017 and our headstone is placed there in section D behind my great grandparents Sid and Cora Curtis. There was a space left where Edma Curtis was to be buried but he remarried and is buried with his 3rd wife behind this lot.
Replied on: 6:52pm 08-15-2020

Which cemetery are you referring to?

Wanda@ 8:39pm 03-25-2020
I am looking to connect with anyone decended from Reynolds out of Chazy, Clinton, New York.
Scott Lytle@ 10:42pm 02-04-2020
Thank you for caring for our family history!
Jo Anna Guydish@ 1:24pm 01-27-2020
Hello Joyce & thank you so much for all your hard work! This website is so helpful & important! I found my 4x great grandfather Jacob Child in your list for Franklin/Constable/Irish Street Cemetery & you had a photograph which is what I need for my DAR supplemental application for Jacob's father - Rev. War patriot Abijah Child (also listed in the same cemetery). I wonder if you have a photo of Jacob's wife Asenath that you have listed as "separate stone in the same lot"? You have that the stone is broken in 2 places and is extremely eroded but any photo would be great even if it's not legible. Thank you!
Alix C@ 4:41pm 12-25-2019
Great website. I have a tip that might help regarding the foreign language transcription for the Rural Cemetery in West Chazy

The foreign language is not Hebrew, it is written in the Cyrillic alphabet, it appears to be Bulgarian or Russian.
Replied on: 7:01pm 08-15-2020

Thank you! I have changed the notation for this stone.

Charlene Myers@ 3:17pm 12-16-2019
Where can I find burial records for Patrick's Cemetery in Chateaugay, NY? Address and phone number/ email?
Julie and Randy@ 2:19pm 09-01-2019
Could someone please tell me what exactly it says on the gravestone of "Electa Dwyer"? Or take a good picture so that I can see for myself? I need it for proof of marriage to J.H. Dwyer.

Thank you, Julie Galloway Newcomer
Michael Duffy@ 4:28pm 07-29-2019
Thank you very much for your time and energy in transcribing the inscriptions on the stones in this cemetery. One of my grandson's female ancestors was a member of the Chubb family. You transcribed the inscription on her parents' gravestone, ANOTIENENS 1810-1903 and WARISAROT NE RONE 1813-1888 (Loran and Charlotte Chubb) - otherwise, I would never have known where they were buried. I haven't been able to locate a photograph of the marker - would you or anyone in the area know if the stone still exists and if someone would be willing to take a picture of it for me? Thank you.
Replied on: 7:02pm 08-15-2020

My husband & I took a little drive to Hogansburg and took a photo of the gravestone you need. You can find the link to it on the cemetery page.

M. J. R. LAUZON@ 4:40pm 06-16-2019
Thanks so much for this website! It is so useful!

Wish I could help you but currently I live in NJ. But I will pass the information on to my family and friends on FaceBook, perhaps they can volunteer...

Take care,


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