Joyce@ 11:17am 09-18-2023
I'm just testing the Guestbook since I recently moved the site to a new location!
Paula Scott@ 11:54am 06-04-2023

If you are leaving a message about a specific cemetery, please identify it by name and location.

Stevens Cemetery, Brandon, Franklin County, NY
Thank you very much for your documenting this cemetery. My father's family is buried there and I am planning on visiting this summer. I was wondering if you would be able to identify the location of N.B. Eseltine's headstone that is noted in the index of the Stevens Cemetery.
I am interested in the Eseltines' headstones and wan't sure if you documented the location as well as the headstones. Thank you again for all the work you are doing with documenting these old cemeteries.
Replied on: 11:08pm 06-04-2023

I'm sorry, but I didn't identify locations as well as the headstones. At one time I could estimate the location by my original field notes, but I've long since gotten rid of them. I had entirely filled an old steamer trunk with them!

Daniel Keefe@ 9:39am 05-24-2023
So excited to find this site. My G-G-Grandfather and his father were buried in the church yard in 1851 and 1856. I had been told that the records of those burials were lost in a fire. So nice to see that someone took the time to recreate a record of that cemetery. Thank you. I plan to make a trip to New York this summer to see them. Nice to know that the trip will not be in vain.
Richard A. Miller@ 12:11pm 12-10-2022
Sheldon Hill Cemetery-My Great Grandparents Robert G. Miller and Emeline Pike/Miller, along with my Great Great Grandfather Robert Miller and Jane Hunter/Miller are buried in this cemetery. I live in Claremont, N.H. and have visited this cemetery several times. When i first visited the cemetery I found the top of the grave stone was broken off and laying on the ground for me G.G. Grandparents. I brought it home and repaired it and put it back on the top of the grave stone. The top was also broken off on my Great Grandfather's grave but I could not find the piece for that grave stone.
David Sundquist@ 12:54pm 12-06-2022
Notre Dame Cemetery, looking for a baby, 1960's David Lambie, Parents, Wallace and Kathleen (Hayes) Lambie
I don't think they have a headstone
Please either email or call (315)-376-2665

Thank you
Replied on: 4:43pm 12-10-2022

You would have to contact the parish for this information. Sorry!

Deborah Kindness@ 7:20am 11-30-2022
where can I find burial records for my ancestors buried in St. Patricks cemetery in Chateaguay, NY. I believe this is my great grandfather and grandmother.
William O'Connor died around 1899 and Mary Harnett (Maiden name) O'Connor whom died somewhere around 1939. I asking for records regarding them or direction on how to acquire this information.

Thank you, Deborah Provost Kindness
Replied on: 4:45pm 12-10-2022

You would have to contact the cemetery association. Start with the Town Historian, Chateaugay, N.Y.

Amy Fleury@ 10:23pm 10-14-2022
St. Francis of Assisi Cemetery in Constable - Gordon Fleury's wife, Meta Broberg, died in 2016 and the date was inscribed on the headstone about a year ago.
Michael Luisi@ 10:50pm 09-24-2022
My grandparents are buried in Guilliland cemetery in Plattsburgh, but I did not see their headstone in your registry. His name is Harry Oliver Pearson and her name is Martha Vashtai Pearson. I am working on locating a photo for you to verify. He died somewhere around 1983 and she died about 2011. They are most likely the last burials in the cemetery. Their graves are all the way in the back overlooking the river. Thank you!
Marina Wilson@ 3:53pm 01-03-2022
Would like to visit the Winch Family Cemetery in Wilmington. This site says to contact the owner for access.
Can you tell me who the landowner is and how to get in touch with them?
Many thanks!
Replied on: 3:10pm 01-16-2022

I'm sorry. I really don't know!

Michael Holmes@ 3:00pm 03-29-2021
I am glad that I have found this site. Hugh B. Dalzell is my GG grandfather. Finding information on the Dalzell line from Carlton A. to present and from Hugh B. back through Ireland has been very troublesome. If anyone has any information or places to search online other than the typical Ancestry or Family Search, would be greatly appreciated.
Chuck McGowan@ 10:52am 03-22-2021
Thank you for your work in documenting this cemetery! I had been trying to find Wallace E Hare and his family. Wiithout much success, finally googled the name and found this page down the list. YAY!!! I am doing work for a friend, and Mr. Hare was the bio father of her great-grandpa, who was adopted at a very young age.

I am still looking for info on Mr. Hare's 2nd wife, a Carrie Dustin, from the same area. Some sort of tragedy befell the family in the late 1900's and the 2nd family fractured from there.
Replied on: 4:46pm 12-10-2022

I am so glad my website helped you! It has been a tremendous amount of work!

Rev Darrell R Joiner@ 8:27am 03-19-2021
Correction on 2 gravestone ids: it should be Harvey Lamson and not Harry Lamson for Mary and Esther tombstone. Nice work and good to have this info all done and preserved. Thank you on behalf of our Joiner family.
Shirley Johnson@ 11:51am 02-19-2021
Searching my family roots >>Cassius M Wright and wife Jennie old Peru village cemetery picture of marker if one. Looking for someone to help with search(Pay for search) thank you Shirley (Wright) Johnson
Terry LaValley@ 9:08am 02-07-2021
Hello, I am researching Gilbert Spooner born 1863 from Malone (per wedding announcement printed in The Plattsburgh sentinel, June 04, 1886 Gilbert & Julia). I've researched this site and fins a grave, and it looks like the only Spooner with children born around the 1860's is James Spooner b 1891 d 1892 & Wife Mary Frances Whitney b 1830 d 1917 buried West Bangor Cemetery. I am looking for a possible birth record or anything showing "Gilbert" was actually their son. ANY help would be appreciated. THANKS
Charlene Myers@ 5:25pm 11-29-2020
I am searching for grave 475, Mrs. Honora English. And John Engish in section 1, #27 and #127. Any headstone pictures would be helpful. I do not see John Listed in the section 1 listing for English. Also, earlier records had an explanation for who paid for the grave for Mrs. Honora English. I believe it was James English, a son. Could this information be verified? Thank you.
Replied on: 11:18am 12-07-2020

You need to state the name of the cemetery, as this information does not pass through to the Guestbook.

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